Jay/Gee YDNA Project


As a long-time JAY family researcher and genealogist, one invariably runs into 'brick walls'. With the advent of Y-chromosome DNA testing, another tool has been placed in the hands of the researcher. This technology can be of great benefit in sorting out family lines. While specific dates, names and places can not be determined, DNA can be used to exclude lines and individuals. It can also be used to prove lines are 'related'.

For discussion regarding the long-term GOALS of the JAY/GEE DNA Project go here.

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The Jay Family Association uses Family Tree DNA as our testing service and prefers their 37 marker Y-DNA37 test. Of the samples tested, we discovered that the decision to utilize the larger number of markers was a wise one. By using more markers (as compared to 12 and 25 marker tests), we have been able to narrow down the number of generations with commonality. We have also discovered that without the additional markers we would have missed variances that have appeared.

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Specific to JAY family genealogy, the JAY Family Association (JFA) was loosely organized in the late 1950’s by a group of researching genealogists who, in most cases, descended from William Jay, who married Mary Vestal in Frederick Co. VA. Over the past few years the JFA membership has grown with members who descend from other JAY family lines as well. JFA researchers have identified roughly 13 Colonial JAY families that can not be "tied together" by traditional research or documentary evidence. As the DNA testing sponsor, the JFA is striving to test as many of these JAY lines as possible and encourages JAYs of all descent into its membership base.

For discussion of latest testing news and the 13 Colonial JAY LINES go here.

JFA member Jim Jay is the administrator of the project and handles all the correspondence and data compilation. If you have interest in participating, you should email Jim at jamesdjay@yahoo.com for your own DNA kit.

To sign up: click here to contact Jim Jay

A comprehensive 37 marker test generally costs $100-$150 and you must be a JAY/GEE surnamed male to participate. Jim can discuss and send you all the details. DNA is taken with a cheek swab... so no blood or other invasive techniques are required. Just drop Jim a note for full details.

In order to knock down some of these tougher 'brick walls', it will be very important to collect as many DNA samples as possible...even if you know much of your line. Also remember, even if you do not carry the JAY/GEE surname, you can "sponsor" someone else.

Jim Jay
Administrator, JFA JAY/GEE DNA Project

Vince King
Co-administrator, JFA JAY/GEE DNA Project

?Questions?: Email Jim Jay or Vince King