Jay/Gee/Joy DNA Study - Goals

In late 2003, members of the Jay Family Association sorted and scanned its archives of collected materials. While reviewing these documents that were collected over a 70 year time period, several themes jump out at the reader. Additionally, in reviewing the Rootsweb Jay-List message board archives, the very same common threads of conjecture, discussion and speculation appear.

They are as follows:

  • Discussion as to the father of William Jay (m. Mary Vestal).who was he?....as yet undocumented, etc.
  • How do the Colonial JAY families connect…if at all?
  • John JOY (m. Mercy Bartlett, s/o Thomas JOY m. Joan Gallop) was he a JAY?, was he a JOY?, do all JAYs and JOYs descend from him?...or were there others. Both JAY and JOY family researchers 'claim' him.

In reviewing all of the correspondence, it can be generally stated that these issues are our biggest 'self-proclaimed' brick walls ... and they haven't changed in 60 years!!!!!! Currently thanks to the efforts of many JFA members and donors, we have a vibrant testing program.

As I stated earlier, there are about 13 identified Colonial JAY lines that have not be "tied together" by traditional research methods. These lines are as follows (a few other "loose JAYs" have been identified but not listed)....

  1. Augustus1655 = Augustus JAY born 1655, m. Ann Maria Bayard, died 1751, grandfather of Chief Justice John Jay
  2. William1711 = William JAY born ca 1711, m. Mary Vestal in Frederick Co. VA, died ca 1773 in 96th Dist SC
  3. Stephen1733 = Stephan JAY born ca 1733, m. Hannah Wilson, lived in Harford Co. MD, died 1796 in Harford Co. MD
  4. David1750 = David JAY born ca 1750, died 1818 in Bedford Co. PA, thought to be the progenitor of the Bedford Co. PA JAYs
  5. David1752 = David JAY born 1752, Rev. Patriot, m. Polly, died 1833 Tioga Co. PA
  6. Joseph1753 = Joseph JAY born 1753 in NJ, Rev. Patriot, m. Eleanor Nelson, died 1835 in Bucks Co. PA
  7. Moses1760 = Moses JAY out of Sussex Co. NJ to Lycoming Co. PA is father of Peter JAY b. 1790 and probably John JAY of Lycoming Co. PA
  8. Joshua1765 = Joshua JAY born 1765 in Hunterdon Co. NJ, m. Belcher sisters, died Erie Co. OH
  9. William1767 = William JAY born ca 1767, m. Anne King in Frederick Co. MD, died ca 1830
  10. George1774 = George JAY born ca 1774 in PA, m. Mary Ann (Wisner) Burleigh, died in Mercer Co. IL, probable brother to John Frederick Jay1777
  11. John F.1777 = John Frederick JAY born ca 1777 in PA, m. Sarah Mather, died ca 1846 in OH, probable brother to George Jay1774
  12. Martin W.1785 = Martin W. JAY born ca 1785 in NJ, m. Elizabeth Edwards in Cumberland Co. NJ, one of many Cumberland Co. NJ JAY
  13. John1754 = John JAY born 1754, m. Elizabeth ter Bush…the Broome Co. NY JAYs

Most of these particular individuals are known to be at least second or third generation US citizens (not immigrants)...several may be cousins of some sort. The majority of the JAYs (~36%) in the US descend from William1711 (#2 above). The color coded lines indicate those that have been tested.

The purpose of the JAY/GEE/JOY DNA study is to ....

  • Establish a baseline for future JAY genealogical research efforts.
  • Establish DNA characteristics for all Colonial American JAY lines.
  • Prove or disprove the commonality of DNA between current day descendants of both JAY and JOY bloodlines that will help prove the relationship with John JAY/JOY, husband of Mercy Bartlett who was the daughter of Richard and Elizabeth WARREN of MAYFLOWER fame.

Yes, JOY and GEE 'cousins' will be asked to join once our preliminary JAY testing is complete. The fact that both JAY and JOY researchers claim Thomas JOY of Massachucetts (and I am certain all are not descendants), DNA will be able to prove or disprove those relationships.

?Questions?: Email Jim Jay or Vince King