Jay/Gee/Joy DNA Study

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Peter W. Jay
Peter W. Jay, son of Moses Jay, was born in NJ, probably in the latter part of 1790, based on census information. He married Esther Hammond, daughter of Noah Hammond of Sussex County, NJ, by at least 1813. In Sussex Co., NJ, Peter Jay and wife Esther sold land to Noah Hammond on 11/8/1813. Peter's son Moses (1814) and daughter Eliza (1817) were born in New Jersey.

In 1820, Peter lived in Shrewsbury, Lycoming County, PA, along with Moses Jay (age 45 and upward) and John Jay (between age 26 and 45), probably his father and possibly his brother. Peter was a farmer. His son Peter W. (1821) and daughter Rebecca (1827) were born in Pennsylvania.

By 1830, he lived in Veteran, Chemung County, NY. His daughter Caroline was born in Chemung Co., NY, in 1829, and his youngest child Hannah Maria was born there in 1832. Peter’s son Ezra (born in 1819) died in 1834 at age 15 and is buried in Old Marsh Cemetery, Horseheads, Chemung Co, NY.

In 1837, according to Hannah Maria's obituary, the family moved to Lenawee County, MI. Peter is not found in any subsequent censuses, so he presumably died before 1840.

William Cicero Jay
Long a mystery line, descendants of William Cicero Jay (1828, GA) have matched this line and are closely related. 'Cicero' Jay, along with his brother James L. Jay and sister Sarah Susan Jay, migrated to Louisana before the Civil War. From there to Texas after the conflict. This is a very suprising match and would indicate that Cicero Jay's ancestors probably migrated from the northeast coast of the US into GA ca 1800.

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Currently Needed
Samples from male descendants of Samuel Wilson Jay (ca1812) and James Jay (ca1816), assumed brothers from Lucas Co. Ohio. These individuals appear to be the sons of John Jay a possible brother to Peter Jay. A DNA match would solidify these connedctions.

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