History of the Jay Family Association

In July 1959, Mrs. J. Edward Rouland (Esther B. Failor) and Dr. Bernice F. Pierson (Miss), working on their respective Jay lines in Washington, D. C., conceived the idea of the JAY FAMILY ASSOCIATION.

The Charter members were:

Miss Bernice F. Pierson
Mrs. J. Edward Rouland (Esther B. Rouland)
Wendell T. Jay (August 22)
Miss Bess B. Bartlett (August 24)
Mrs. R. E. Warren (Mildred Mobley) (September 23)
James T. Pierson (October 6)
J. Edwin Jay (October 15)
Mrs. Willis Busler (Mary Alma Jay) (November 26)
Mrs. William G. Kohner
Bessie Brown (November 26)


First Officers were (July 1959 to September 1963):
Vice President:
Historian Secretary:
Honorary Member:
J. Edwin Jay
John Chancy Jay appointed 1960
Esther B. Rouland
Bernice F. Pierson
Mary Helen Pemberton


During 1960, 1961, and 1962, it appears some twenty mimeographed papers were issued from the office of the Historian-Secretary. There were general letters, Christmas messages, Treasurer's reports, Membership Lists and Bulletins. The Bulletins were reports of research done by members personally, or information members had collected with the assistance of professional researchers.

Four members were lost in death:
Percy Pemberton Brown
Esther B. Rouland
John Chancy Jay
J. Edwin Jay b. 22 Nov 1868
26 January 1960
18 March 1962
18 October 1962
25 August 1963


After the death of Esther B. Rouland, Bernice F. Pierson served as Secretary and Treasurer until new officers were appointed. The major project for 1963 was the JAY FAMILY INDEX, an index of some of the Jay Family in America. It is primarily a copy of the Cassius Milton Jay (1886-1953) Work Book. The JAY FAMILY INDEX was made possible by Mrs. William G. Kohner, owner of the Cassius M. Jay manuscript, who copied and arranged the material, Bernice F. Pierson, Mary Helen Pemberton and Mrs. Mary Keysor Meyer, a friend. A gift copy was sent to each of forty-six libraries and societies. By mid-1963, twelve members had cleared their respective lines with proper documentation.

In October of 1963 new officers were appointed.
Vice President:
Wendell T. Jay
George Jay
Katherine (Jay) Bradley
Mary (Smith) Lindig