Why Join the JFA?

Research...While we all are responsible for our own research, a great amount of incorrect data exists both in print and on the internet. As a member of the JFA, you will be helped by other experienced researchers and have access to “vetted” lineage information in the "Members Only" section of the JFA website.

Fellowship...The JFA has frequent research and genealogy related Reunions. Those members who have attended will attest to the great fellowship and relationships that are developed at these wonderful events.

Fun...At times we just have a lot of fun.

Newsletter...The JFA publishes a twice yearly Newsletter to keep members abreast of Jay happenings.

JAY DNA Project...The JFA sponsors the JAY DNA Project which has been instrumental in sorting out Jay lineages and proving connections.

Restoration Projects...a portion of your JFA dues are ear-marked for historically significant restoration projects such as tombstone restoration, marker placement, etc.

MOST IMPORTANTLY...while we all research independently, some activities, such as restoration projects, continual maintenance of an informative website, Jay Family data storage and the archiving of family history for future generations can not be done without the participation and support of many. This is the most important function of the JFA…preserving our history.

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